• Narrow Bowl

Narrow Bowl

30,00 RON



A beautiful, hand crafted, wooden bowl made from willow tree will look great on your dining room table brimming with fruit, salad or snacks.  Wooden bowls are the essence of fine decoration and function. Mesteshukar ButiQ has a wooden cooking utensil for every kitchen and occasion.

Craftsman: Sorin Papalet

Designer: Nadja Zerunian


Product care:

Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.

Occasionally, every couple of months or anytime your bowl looks or feels dry, lightly oil it with Refined Olive Oil (the oil is available at your local grocery store). Spread the oil over the entire surface of the bowl. Let the oil stand for a few minutes and then wipe and buff your bowl with a cotton cloth (paper towels work well). Let the oil cure for 24-48 hours before reusing it. Over time, oiling will be necessary less frequently.

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