• Coffee Pot
  • Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot

200,00 RON



Handcrafted from high quality copper, this unique coffee pot holds up to 5 cups and promises to bring a touch of the past to your kitchen and home design.

Craftsman: Victor Clopotar

Designer: Nadja Zerunian

This product is guaranteed for life.


Product care: 

Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher

Works over any open fire. It works over an open fire, as well as a stove top (gas, wood, or electric).

Guaranteed not to rust! Copper is resistant to corrosion and will never rust. If left untreated, the copper finish will naturally oxidize and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish, or let it earn a beautiful patina.

Careful: Do not boil dry coffee pot, always keep at least a couple of inches of water in the pot.


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