Simple Copper Bowl

370 lei

Handcrafted in copper and finished by Roma coppersmiths. Each piece is unique and slightly different. Every facet or angle that captures the light is a single hit of the hammer controlled by decades of practice.

If out of stock, this piece will be custom made to order. Please allow 1 week for production prior to shipping.

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Making a simple bowl, plate or spoon takes hours. In order not to waste the expensive raw materials, the coppersmiths would not make any mistake. In contrast to warm smiths the copper plates or bowls can be brought, formed, to the right shape through a cold procedure by using special chasing hammers, thanks to the elasticity of the metal.

≈ 7 cm height, 300 ml volume

The hammered copper will tarnish over time and can be renewed to its original beauty. Check this link for cleaning solution:


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