Set Copper Coffee Pot & Measuring Spoon

450 lei

Handcrafted in copper and finished by Roma coppersmiths. A coffee pot perfect for coffee lovers, design enthusiasts, fancy kitchens or for those who just love the smell of freshly made coffee.
The coffee pot has its own measuring spoon, also handcrafted in copper.

Each piece is unique and slightly different.

If out of stock, this piece will be custom made for order. Please allow 1 week for production prior to shipping.


The coffee pot made from copper was one of the items we wanted to reinvent, especially because of the famous Turkish coffee, very much appreciated around the world and quite forgotten in our country. Our coffee pot was manufactured in Brateiu, by Roma coppersmith Victor Clopotor. Designer Nadja Zerunian came up with the stylish design for the classic pot and the result was distinctive and elegant, a coffee pot entirely handcrafted from hammered copper sheet, but with a twist of modern design.
Measuring Spoon:
≈ 19 cm length
≈ 4 cm width
Coffee Pot:
≈ 10-10,5 cm height
≈ 500-550 ml volume


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