Set Ceramic Jug & Copper Glasses

300 lei

Large ceramic jug braided in straw, together with two copper glasses.

The glasses are handcrafted in copper and finished by Roma coppersmiths. Each piece is unique and slightly different.

If out of stock, this piece will be custom made for order. Please allow 1 week for production prior to shipping.


This special set has a large jug made of clay and two copper glasses.
The jug is processed using the techniques of glassing and waxing. The ceramic jug is an excellent keeping water or wine. Besides, the product is equipped with a straw braided cork.
Cooper Glass:
≈ 5,5-7 cm width
≈ 5-5,5 cm height
≈ 100-170 ml volume
Ceramic Jug:
≈ 33 cm height
≈ 1 l volume


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