Permanent movement plays a momentous role in the history of the Roma people. The new product group by Meșteshukar ButiQ harks back to this nomadic tradition, simultaneously demonstrating a cross-section of the Roma people centuries-old handicraft skills. The elements of a “picnic” were reinterpreted and traditionally crafted: copper, iron, wicker, silver or wood.

So, just as friends meet for a picnic, the PICNIC series represents a meeting place. Works by different craftspeople complement one another, sets can be used themselves alone or in combination – individual parts of them even in the household.

PICNIC, the stories and the people behind the collection will soon come home, to our Bucharest shop in Edgar Quinet 7, three weeks after its debut in Vienna.

Meșteshukar ButiQ was founded in Bucharest in 2011 and aims at the revalorization of traditional Roma crafts. As an umbrella of a wider network of social economy enterprises in Romania, the brand has indeed succeeded to bring a new vision to Roma craftsmanship and to launch traditional products under contemporary design. Their newest product line PICNIC was developed together with zerunianandweisz from Vienna.


The development of this collection was possible with the tremendous contribution of the ERSTE Foundation, under the Roma Partnership framework.
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