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MBQ is a not for profit social enterprise that promotes traditional Roma and Romanian craftsmanship and supports local makers from its own resources and those of its partners.

MBQ represents an ethical and responsible alternative to mass produced market goods and the space should borrow some of its character from this principle. In other words, it should be a place that emphasizes and encourages interaction in order to discover the craftsmanship and meaning embedded in each collection piece displayed.

We’re eager to see how you will bring your own style to the challenge and create a unique and representative space for MBQ!

  • 1st prize: EUR 3.000
  • 2nd  prize: EUR 1.200
  • 3rd prize: EUR 800

Special Prizes: The Jury has the liberty to nominate honorary mentions for possible special visions.

*The prizes are expressed in gross amount.

MBQ Redesign Contest Results
First place and Winner of the competition:
Project 27
Second place:
Project 29
Third place:
Project 19
Special mentions to Projects:
4 6 7 12 15 and 35
Rules and regulations
Floor plans
Frequently Asked Questions >
Upon reviewing this aspect, we modified the format you can use. You can submit a maximum of 2 x A0, pdf format, compositions in landscape layouts. The archive has been updated with this information as well, you can redownloaded it under the Rules and regulations section located on this page.
The unique identification serial is a six-sign code that consists in four numbers and two letters created by yourself in the appropriate field on the Participation form. For more details, please consult the Anonymity section of the brief. 
In the participation form you are required to complete the Unique identification serial field and send the document archived in a .zip called via e-mail at
The unique identification serial is a six-sign code that consists in four numbers and two letters created by yourself. The same code will be title / subject of your e-mail.
To ensure the anonymity of the submissions, we have created two separate e-mails / folders:
One with the project and descriptive texts. In the lower right corner of every page of the project you will insert a text box that will contain a unique identification serial.
A second one with the archived participation form containing the authors of the project and the unique identification serial. This e-mail / folder will be accessed only after the Jury meeting & deliberation has occurred, in order to ensure complete anonymity.
By using this mechanism, we ensure complete anonymity. For more details, please consult the Anonymity section of the brief. 
Yes, being registered in OAR as a trainee architect / arhitect stagiar will suffice in order to participate in the competition.
The team can participate, but it needs to mention this aspect in the application form.
The age restriction applies only for you, the applicant.
The floor plans have been updated with all relevant information, you can redownload the archive with all of them using the Floor Plans section located on this page.
The enrollment and project submission deadline are November 9th, 00:00 (Bucharest, Romania local time). We will accept proposals until the end of that day.
The heating system can be replaced or modified as long as this action is included in your proposal and in the budget set for the redesign.
Yes, the ceiling can be modified in accordance with your design or concept.
The current furniture can be removed or integrated in your redesign proposal.
The toilet and the hallway leading to it should not be integrated in your concepts and proposals.
The storage space needs to be in the store, it is up to you how its integration in the available space is done.
There is no requirement to define separate spaces for these activities. We recommend a holistic approach and the integration of these spaces in a multifunctional zone.
Yes, we will have a bar for the dedicated coffee zone of the store. A description and more detailed information can be found in the brief.
We keep an open mind to your proposals and suggestions. Our only requirement is to follow the indications provided in the brief.
A minifridge is a necessary requirement. Its positioning depends on the placement you envision in your proposal for the bar.
The coffee zone should accommodate a maximum of 10 people.
We will use separate cash registers for the two economical activities.
Of the products that we currently know of, we can mention ceramic products, bags made of jute, leather and wood. On some occasions we will host thematic events that will feature cosmetic products, jewelry or clothes.
The focus should be on the product itself. If the designer and the craftsman, or the story of the product, can be integrated or displayed in a way that it will enhance the customer’s experience, you can proceed with it.
The furniture used in the store could be part of our offer for the clients and sold to them only if collection / pieces of furniture have been created in a limited series, designed and manufactured in Romania.
Yes, you can work alongside our craftsmen in order to create the furniture you envisioned for your concept.
As it stands in this moment, we have a 50% split between returning and occasional clients.
There are two main motives behind this decision: the competition is open for foreign participants and because we needed to create a common ground for discussion and deliberation of the proposals in respect to the jury’s international componence.
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Emil Ivanescu
OAR Bucuresti
Eliza Yokina
Nadja Zerunian
Nicoleta Deliu
Mindaugas Valuckas
Alongside us as sponsors and partners
Logo BCR
BCR Afaceri Sociale will be our enabler, helping us bring to like the best imagined version of the MBQ Shop that the community will come up with.
KANE will bring a specialty coffee corner in our new MBQ Shop. Baristas will be the resident artisans, making sure each creative interaction goes as smooth as one can imagine.
Fosta Fabrică
Fosta Fabrică will bring its know-how in creating functional businesses communities and eco-systems for local entrepreneurship.
Logo OAR Bucuresti
OAR will guide us to create and structure a leveled and relevant competition, according to all rules of regulations regarding competitions for architects.
Logo Anuala de Arhitectură
Anuala de Arhitectură will bring its knowledge and experience in organizing competitions and provide guidance for our promotional activities in order to reach relevant stakeholders.