• What is the story of your meeting with Meșteshukar ButiQ and Radu Ion (Nevers), Roma silversmith? Was this collaboration a challenge for you as a designer?

The story started some years back, when I met the MBQ team during some social events. Me with my projects from eematico, an organization that creates and implements educational programs and them with their social projects, under the umbrella of ERSTE FOUNDATION. I was fascinated by their social business, the way they work with all the artisans from all over the country and with very different backgrounds and skills. Then I got to meet Nadja Zerunian, Austrian designer who fascinated me even more in her way of transforming a craft into modern design. The way she worked with Nevers intrigued me. Deep inside I was curious to test it on my own. And then, the phone rang and my collaboration with MBQ started.

This is an emotional project for two reasons: firstly it is complementary to my work as an educational designer for programs that will bring a change to Roma children in disadvantaged communities; Secondly its the experience I earned working besides Nevers. He is an amazing person and artisan. I worked close to him and this makes me a better designer for whatever challenges will come in the future.

  • Why contemporary jewelry? What does it mean to you as an artist?

For me, contemporary jewelry is wearable art and I love art. I like to experiment with wool, to test its limits, to give it a shape, a body.

  • How would you describe this new collection and how was the meeting between the new and the old, the craftsman and the designer?

This collection is bold and funky, like the person wearing it. But I do think that it is simple and straightforward in the same time. It is all about the wool and the process of felting the wool, mixing it together with copper and silver. This process gives the jewelry it’s shape and personality. How these materials mix make you think of the duality of the women who inspired this collection, the mysterious, exotic part and the practical, down to earth one. Its for the person who wears it to decide which part is the wool and which one is the metal. Indeed both the felting and the metal craft are traditional methods, but these are only means to create something new and fresh.

  • Your favourite item from the collection?

Amaya earrings No.2, the round ones. Nevers found some amazing technical solutions to bend the metal. And the way the copper holds the wool like in an endless hug is something I really like about these earrings.

  • How would you describe the person wearing your jewelry?

She or he would be someone who is not afraid to try new things, to dive into the unknown. Someone who would wear both very colorful outfits or go into an all-black mood. This person is one of many sides and facets, soft and strong in the same time. A person of contrast.


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