Sometimes things design themselves better than we can imagine.


During Romanian Design Week we won our first design award for the Home Decor 18 collection in collaboration with the Romanian designer Radu Abraham.

Our new jewelry collection, Enchant & Delight in collaboration with designer Adina Marin is making waves for the fashion lovers.

CASNIC, our new wholesale collection is being prepared to represent the essence of MBQ and help spread our message to the world.

We had our three years anniversary in the shop. Three years of nonstop creative and social change. MBQ celebrated with glamour and hype 18 craftsmen, 7 designers and 14 collections. In three years the MBQ shop hosted many collections, events, social business and it’s considered by many the best place in town to shop and hear some good stories. MBQ shop is a living organism and it has been the perfect place to act on our stories.

Now it’s time for a new design story. The MBQ Shop will become a space where creative people exchange ideas, find inspiration or just discuss around a good cup of coffee. We want to make MBQ a kind of a community project, where makers create, exhibit and sell their products and visitors can see, touch, use and enjoy each object and story.

We’re launching a creative competition! In the next 10 days we will upload a full brief of the new function of the MBQ Shop. You, the creative community, are invited to come up with the best plan. The winners get to see their plan come to life as one of the most unique places in Bucharest and be financially rewarded for their work.

BCR Social Impact Banking will be our enabler, helping us bring to life the best imagined version of the MBQ Shop that the community will come up with.

KANE will bring a specialty coffee corner in our new MBQ Shop. Baristas will be our resident artisans, making sure each creative interaction goes as smooth as one can imagine.

After three years the MBQ Shop is keeping itself new, fresh and unique. With the help of craftsmen and makers from Romania and abroad, MBQ will keep designing and redesigning items that give value and beauty to our culture and make a change towards the way we perceive design as a way of improving our lives.

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