Swedish design creatives mattias rask and tor palm of glimpt have worked with romananian roma craftsmen to develop a series of handcrafted copper stools and wicker items. the duo travelled around the country, visiting different locations in order to map traditional crafts created by the ethnic group. the project titled ‘normadic entities’ follows on from their past contributions in vietnam and south africa where they worked with local creatives to combine scandinavian design within a new exiting cultural context.

Glimpt were first contacted by the organisation mesteshukar butiq – a network of social economy enterprises and an active supporter of roma traditional crafts – to help contribute to an ongoing research and development project. during 2015 glimpt worked with artisans maria, victor, hazel and zoli to work on utility products such as baskets and other functional pieces. they worked specifically with victor to create an exclusive series of well crafted copper stools and tables which make reference to traditional distillery units.

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