Enchant & Delight Jewelry Collection

Designed by Adina Marin, Crafted by Radu Ion (Nevers)

The fascination for the gypsy woman is both culture-specific and culture independent. What is considered forbidden or regarded as taboo draws on cognitive schemes and emotional tensions and exceeds cultural specificities and temporal boundaries.

If we could tell the stories of this women we should tell them through their sounding and detailed jewellery that adorned their bodies with courage and femininity.

For the Roma women every jewellery was a statement of cultural identity, enchantment and delightfulness.

Enchant & Delight is a new jewellery collection created by MBQ in collaboration with Adina Marin and Radu Ion (Nevers), one of the most skilled silversmiths in Bucharest. The collection regards the Roma women in the modern society as a cultural and social impact for the artistic representation. Every piece of jewellery in the collection tells the story of a Roma woman or girl who made a statement in the artistic field which reverberated in the social conscience of men.

All the pieces are handcrafted in silver, copper and wool by old and new techniques with the help of simple tools and fire.

“This collection is bold and funky, like the person wearing it. But I do think that it is simple and straightforward in the same time. It is all about the wool and the process of felting the wool, mixing it together with copper and silver.” – Adina Marin, designer


Photo credit: Bogdan Carstina



Designed By

Adina Marin, Romania

Adina Marin is an architect that designs objects from jewelry to toys and constructions for kids to build. She found her passion for jewelry a few years back andshe studied at Assamblage Jewelry school in 2012. Since then, she designed and manufactured felted wool jewelry, silver jewelry for two Romanian jewelry brands and collaborated with one of the best Romanian Jewelry Designer, David Sandu.

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