MBQ Novelty

What to expect from Meșteshukar ButiQ at Romanian Design Week 2018? This year is about originality, uniqueness, freshness, unconventionality, innovation and in one word: novelty. RDW is a very important milestone for our craftsmen and at this edition we have...

Home Decor Collection

Swedish design creatives mattias rask and tor palm of glimpt have worked with romananian roma craftsmen to develop a series of handcrafted copper stools and wicker items. the duo travelled around the country, visiting different locations in order to map traditional...

Charana Collection

The collection is centered around a mystical element: The Charana bird. Archetypal symbol of elevation, a yearning to rise to the absolute values of the sky. The Charana bird is a mythical creature that is found throughout the Romani folklore. Charana is an extension...

Clothes Collection

The collection is done by our Tailor Lenuta Dumitru every stich and every Roseprint is here handcraft. Over an intense period of time we developed together the re-interpretation of the classic craftsmanship in todays fashion. The interpretation is based on the modern...

Picnic Collection

Permanent movement plays a momentous role in the history of the Roma people. The new product group by Meșteshukar ButiQ harks back to this nomadic tradition, simultaneously demonstrating a cross-section of the Roma people centuries-old handicraft skills. The elements...
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