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Posted on 24 November 2015

There are no wasted blows

Silversmithing is both an art and a craft. The creation of an object comes from the hammer blows alone. In making a piece entirely by hand, the master silversmith creates a unique and personal object, establishing a kinship between all of those who have passed on their traditions.

Mesteshukar ButiQ presents this new collection based entirely on the fine artistry of Nevers a Roma silversmith and the creative eye of Nadja Zerunian the Austrian designer and pro-bono expert for ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership. Meşteshukar ButiQ is an active supporter for the revalorization of the traditional Roma trades and has succeeded to bring a new vision to the Roma craftsmanship and to launch traditional products under a contemporary design.

The collection is presented under the name, “There are no wasted blows” and is a tribute for the most used tool of the silversmith, the hammer and its distinct sound. The rhythm of the hammer marks distinguishes these items as hand-crafted, and this distinctive finish cannot be replicated in its warmth and characteristic life by a machine. To the inexperienced, metal may seem hard and unyielding. In fact, metal is very responsive to the forces imposed upon it. It flows under the blows of the hammer with a subtle movement that is difficult to see, but the movement is there nonetheless.

To make the concept unique the designer Nadja Zerunian choose to work with bronze, a metal that is not very friendly under the hammer. It takes the silversmith a lot of strength to restrain its hardness and to make it sing under the pressure of the hammer.

The starting principle of this collection is that every blow that strikes a piece of metal changes it in some way. Every blow alters the shape of the metal by compression, thinning, contraction…striking the metal in a slight sliding movement. There are no wasted blows in this new collection only a pure transformation of the metal into fine melodious pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Meşteshukar ButiQ and was founded in Bucharest in 2012. The brand has been created by Romano ButiQ Association and is also a network of social economy enterprises. The initiative aims to create new marketing opportunities for the handicraft products of copper smiths, tailors, blacksmiths and carvers and to develop modern products for the national and international market. The manufactured products are being sold online (, and in summer 2015 the social initiative opened its first store in Romania.

Nadja Zeruanian 

When the Vienna-based award-winning Austrian designer Nadja Zerunian is not supporting the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership in her capacity as a pro-bono adviser, she works for famous labels such as AA Watch Company, Georg Jensen, Calvin Klein, Swatch and Rado. Her products have been sold in the Museum of Modern Art shops in New York and San Francisco at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.


Coming from a long line of Roma silversmiths Nevers (Radu Ion) is one of the few craftsmen who gives a strong value into working with traditional Roma techniques. He started at just thirteen when he made his first ring using his father’s tools. The old and the new meet in his hands and are transformed in jewelleries that carry so many forgotten traditions. In 2011 Nevers became part of Mesteshukar ButiQ project and this is the place where his craft received the proper attention.

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